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Children’s dictionaries – how to find the right dictionary for your child

Looking up an unfamiliar word in the dictionary can be a daunting task for many children. Without specially written definitions suited to their reading level, using a dictionary will be frustrating and discouraging, with each new definition containing more confusing words than the last! Encouraging children to use an appropriate dictionary on their own terms … Read more

Supporting spelling at home

How important is good spelling, really? Is it still vital in a world of typed documents, emails and autocorrect? Isn’t it the quality of writing we should be worried about, rather than the spelling of the words themselves? Perhaps, as Mark Twain observed, ‘anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word … Read more

The Big Spell: spelling tip of the week

Our wonderful Oxford Dictionaries for Children editorial team have provided the levelled words and content for the The Big Spell show on Sky 1, including over 3000 words, definitions and example sentences from our corpus database. Each week, while The Big Spell is broadcast, we’ll be posting a new spelling tip. Spelling tip for week … Read more

spelling help

Five creative ways to help with spelling homework

Struggling to find a way to make learning those dreaded spellings fun? Some children find it difficult to remember their spelling words and, let’s face it, learning lists of spellings is hardly the most enjoyable way to pass the time for you or them. If you are looking for some fun spelling ideas, then look … Read more