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Eggcellent books to read this Easter

Delve into these cracking reads for ages 0–9, and celebrate Easter with rabbits, chicks, eggs and (most importantly) lots and lots of chocolate! Don’t miss our free activities for Easter drawing, colouring in, and more.
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Reading in a winter wonderland

The evenings are growing darker and the air is becoming crisper. Winter is here. What better way to take shelter from the cold than curled up with a good book? So, here’s a collection of wintery book recommendations from James Clements.
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Dog tales

Man’s best friend takes the lead in these wonderful tales, recommended by writer and education researcher James Clements.
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Picture books for older readers

Who says we have to leave picture books behind in KS1? These wonderful books use spellbinding illustrations to introduce children to big ideas. Includes FArTHER and The Man Who Walked Between Towers.
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