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Eggcellent books to read this Easter

Take a look at these cracking reads for ages 0–9, and celebrate Easter with rabbits, chicks, eggs and (most importantly) lots and lots of chocolate! Don’t miss our free activities for Easter drawing, colouring in, and more.

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Ages 0–3

This Rabbit, That Rabbit

Jane Porter

A very simple board book for the youngest children. It has hilarious pictures of rabbits and is a great introduction to the idea of opposites.

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Ages 3–5

Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory

Elys Dolan

Children will love this riotous romp through Mr Bunny’s chocolate factory! Written and illustrated by Elys Dolan, whose hilarious books have been shortlisted for The Roald Dahl Funny Prize and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory is the Winner of the 2018 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Lollies).

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The Easter Story

Brian Wildsmith

The story of Holy Week and Easter is told here through the eyes of the donkey. This beautiful and sensitive retelling is perfect for sharing with children.

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Hungry Hen

written by Richard Waring and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

A fox and a hen. One is a dark horse.

With a twist that the fox doesn’t see coming, this is a story to make you hold your breath, gasp and laugh over and over again!

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Charlie Chick

written by Nick Denchfield and illustrated by Ant Parker

Charlie Chick eats lots and lots of barley and wheat, and he grows big and strong – but you should see his Mum! Great pop-ups and a surprising final page.

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Oops! Little Chick

Jo Lodge

This book has fun interactive tabs to pull to reveal the story and involve the youngest of readers. The vivid illustrations will be sure to hold your child’s attention.

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The Odd Egg

Emily Gravett

An enchanting board book using pages of different sizes to tell the story of an egg, the most beautiful egg in the whole world – but it isn’t a chick that hatches out!

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Ages 5–7

Chickens Can’t See in the Dark

Kristyna Litten

The story of a chick who longs to see in the dark, however many carrots it takes! A delightful story full of humour and with an unexpected ending.

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What Small Rabbit Heard

written by Sheryl Webster and illustrated by Tim Warnes

Small Rabbit goes for a walk with Big Rabbit on a very windy day. The wind howls so much that Little Rabbit can hardly hear Big Rabbit’s words and so never quite gets things right.

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Ed Vere

We see Chick hatching out from his egg and being looked after by his mum, who loves him even when he has a small accident – young children love the pop-ups and the hint of naughtiness.

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Ages 7+

The Chicken Who Liked Chocolate

written by Teresa Heapy and illustrated by Sarah Horne

As soon as she has her first taste of chocolate, Charlie the chicken is hooked. But where can she find more of the delicious treat? This book has short chapters, a funny story and egg-stra-ordinary colour illustrations, and includes tips for parents and fun after-reading activities.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl

A modern classic and a story that delights every new generation of children. Your child will soon be dreaming of getting their own golden ticket!

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Easter activities

Mr Bunny colouring in

Can you colour in Mr Bunny’s selection of Easter Eggs? Download our fun activity sheet and have a go!

Download the activity

Mr Bunny maze

Can you help Mr Bunny find his chocolate Easter eggs? Download our fun activity sheet and have a go!

Download the activity

Make your own Hungry Hen headdress

Colour in, cut out and create this majestic chicken headdress – perfect for wearing at Easter!

Download the activity

Make your own Easter Story decorations

Follow the steps to create some beautiful Easter decorations.

Download the activity

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