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Dog tales

Man’s best friend takes the lead in these wonderful tales.

Oh No, George!

Chris Haughton
Age: 3–5 | Oxford Level 4–5

George tries to do the right thing, but sometimes temptation is just too much for him. Join George as he attempts to exert some self-control in a gloriously funny story that will resonate with children and parents alike.

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Oi Dog!

Kes Gray and Jim Field
Age: 3–8 | Oxford Level 5

The follow-up to the hugely popular Oi Frog! provides the frog with a chance to re-evaluate the rules of animal rhyming and make some changes about who exactly can sit on what. Brilliantly funny.

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Odd Dog Out

Rob Biddulph
Age: 3+ | Oxford Level 13

A glorious tale of fitting in and standing out. Wonderful illustrations tell the story of a dog who is a bit different and proud of it.

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John Burningham
Age: 5–7 | Oxford Level 12

A classic about an unwanted dog who turns out to be rather remarkable. There’s something here to captivate younger children and the adults reading the story, with plenty of perfectly observed details to spot on every page.

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Because of Winn-Dixie

Kate DiCamillo
Age: 9–12 | Oxford Level 14

A touching and poignant tale about Opal and her new dog Winn-Dixie, and the change he brings to her life and her relationship with her father. Older primary-aged children will love this story (although there will be tears!).

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Book Bands and Oxford Reading Levels

Age 4–5
Age 5–6
Year 1
Age 6–7
Year 2
Band: Lilac
Level: 1
Band: Blue
Level: 4
Band: Turquoise
Level: 7
Band: Pink
Level: 1+
Band: Green
Level: 5
Band: Purple
Level: 8
Band: Red
Level: 2
Band: Orange
Level: 6
Band: Gold
Level: 9
Band: Yellow
Level: 3
Band: White
Level: 10
Band: Lime
Level: 11
Age 7–8
Year 3
Age 8–9
Year 4
Age 9–10
Year 5
Band: Brown
Level: 9–11
Band: Grey
Level: 14
Band: Dark Blue
Level: 16
Band: Grey
Level: 12–13
Band: Dark Blue
Level: 15
Band: Dark Red
Level: 17
Age 10–11
Year 6
Band: Dark Red
Level: 18–20