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practising SATs skills

SATs skills: Preparing your child for KS2 SATs

It won’t be long until that week in May when your child will be sitting his/her KS2 SATs. They are heading into a busy preparation time at school with their teachers targeting the areas that need more work, or perhaps focusing on past papers. Even though the school will be doing all they can to … Read more

sister helps with homework

Year 6 SATs – before and after

Sisters Ella and Georgie talk to us about their perspectives on Year 2 SATs, before and after. Ella is 12. She is now in Year 8 of secondary school, so took her SATs nearly two years ago. Georgie is 10. She is in Year 6 of primary school and will sit her SATs this May. … Read more

How to support your child through KS2 SATs

If you are a parent of a child in Year 6 in an English primary school, you’ll probably be very aware of the SATs tests. For one week in May, Year 6 children will be tested on their reading, mathematics, and grammar, punctuation and spelling. They’ll also have their writing assessed. At the end of … Read more

Year 6 SATs: What you need to know

As we head into the Spring term, the Key Stage 2 SATs loom large on the horizon for parents and teachers across the country. Certainly, as a Year 6 teacher, it is now that I begin to really think about that week in May when my class will be sitting their SATs.   Vicky, teacher … Read more

Practical tips to help prepare your child for secondary school

For children who have left primary school and are about to start secondary school, the summer can be a time of mixed emotions: it marks a milestone in their childhood and they may be looking forward with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. So how can parents help? Former Year 6 teacher, and parent, Christine … Read more

What to expect in the first year of secondary school

By the time your child is in Year 6, you’re both pros when it comes to homework schedules, PE kits, friendships and knowing the building inside out. The move to a completely new school for Year 7, with new rules, a new layout, hundreds of unknown children (and seemingly almost as many teachers) can be … Read more