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Preparing for the KS2 SATS reading test

In May of year 6, your child will sit a reading test as part of their end of Key Stage Two National Curriculum Assessments (SATs)*. This is designed to assess how well your child is doing in relation to the National Curriculum programme of study for reading, and is primarily a test of reading comprehension. … Read more

Children reading at school

Read the world

Let them know it’s reading time SO… World Book Day has come around and it’s looking like Sophie out of the BFG or The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas. Again. Yep. You heard about the dressing up bit at 9pm last night. First you made a noise like a squirrel trapped in a toaster. Then … Read more


How to pick books for struggling readers

Are they reluctant, or are they struggling? Lots of parents worry about their children’s reading. Perhaps they find reading very difficult or maybe they would just prefer to play on their tablet, be outside with their friends or do anything, in fact, rather than sitting with a book. There are two main types of worry … Read more

Developing empathy through reading

I’m a children’s writer named Anne Booth, and three of my books (with a fourth coming next year), each beautifully illustrated by Sophy Williams, form the Lucy series for Oxford University Press. I’ve always loved children’s books, and really enjoyed selling them as a bookseller and studying them for an MA in Children’s Literature. I … Read more

Five ways to encourage reluctant readers

From ‘thinking outside the bookbag’ to reading for a purpose, children’s author and mum of three, Isabel Thomas shares some great advice on helping reluctant readers get excited about books. You can spot a reluctant reader by putting a book in their hands. Five minutes later they’ll be gazing out of the window, wriggling on … Read more

How can I support my child with phonics?

There are so many easy things you can do to help support your child’s phonics learning. Here are a few ideas from phonics expert, Laura Sharp. Right from the start talk, talk and talk! As a parent, you are the model of good speaking and listening. Regularly introduce new words (vocabulary) e.g. for the word … Read more

Learning phonics

What is phonics?

New routines, new friends and new approaches to learning; starting in Reception is a milestone for you as well as your child. Feel assured that many of the simple activities you have been doing already have formed the basis for the new learning journey you both are about to take, especially the talking to and … Read more

Using storytelling to develop reading and writing skills

Emily is an early reading specialist and founder of Reading Fairy. Please note: all book links lead to more information on Amazon.co.uk Everyone is a Story Maker My life is dedicated to telling stories, creating stories and sharing children’s picture books – both in my work and with my boys at home. I am passionate … Read more

Getting ready for reading at nursery

Written by Emily Guille-Marrett – Early reading specialist, publisher and Reading Fairy founder. Please note: all book links lead to more information on Amazon.co.uk First steps for reading at nursery My youngest son Albie will be leaving nursery soon to start school. I’ve enjoyed watching and sharing his early reading journey with interest – both … Read more