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Book of the Month: The Night Zookeeper: The Lioness of Fire Desert

The Night Zookeeper: Lioness of Fire Desert

Written by Joshua Davidson and illustrated by Buzz Burman

The zoo needs you…

Join Will and his friends, Ria and Sam the spying giraffe, as they continue their adventure in the magical world of the Night Zoo. This time, they journey to Fire Desert, where they meet Captain Claw the lioness pilot, and where Will must once again use the power of his imagination to protect the animals of the Night Zoo. Following on from The Night Zookeeper: The Giraffes of Whispering Wood, this adventure will have fantasy fans aged 7+ absolutely hooked.

This is the second book in a four-part series from the creators of nightzookeeper.com, the children’s BAFTA-nominated website, designed to inspire reluctant readers and writers. Transported to the fantasy world of the Night Zoo, your young Night Zookeepers are encouraged to create magical characters and adventures of their own. Find out more about the Night Zoo and how your child can get involved on the Night Zookeeper website.

Enter the world of the Night Zoo. Watch the video:

To celebrate the publication of The Night Zookeeper: The Lioness of Fire Desert, we’re giving away five copies of the book. To be in with a chance of winning, we want your child to create their very own magical animal for the Night Zoo! To enter, download our free activity sheet and send us a photo of your child’s creation in a private message to the Oxford Owl Facebook page (don’t forget to include your name and address in your entry too). We’ll share the characters on our Facebook page to inspire all of the other Night Zookeepers out there!

Entry closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 26th August 2018.

Terms and conditions apply.

About the book

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The Night Zookeeper: The Lioness of Fire Desert

Written by Joshua Davidson and illustrated by Buzz Burman

When Will accidentally creates a mysterious portal during a trip to the zoo, he’s transported into the world of the Night Zoo and thrust into an incredible adventure.

Joined by his friends, Sam and Riya, Will journeys to Fire Desert, where rumours of a creature called ‘The Grip’ have struck fear into the hearts of the animals. Even Captain Claw, a fierce lioness, seems to be acting strangely on hearing the news.

The animals look to Will to save them, but does he have the strength to overcome his fears, and become the hero that the Night Zoo needs?

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About the author and illustrator

Joshua Davidson

By night, Joshua Davidson is the head Night Zookeeper. By day, he is an author, artist, game designer, and tech entrepreneur, who came up with the idea for nightzookeeper.com.

Buzz Burman

Buzz Burman is the regular painter and decorator in the Night Zoo. He is a designer and illustrator who, as well as illustrating the books, also designed the Night Zookeeper website and the Night Zookeeper logo.

Book Extras

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