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Book of the Month: Planet Stan

Planet Stan

Written by Elaine Wickson and illustrated by Chris Judge

Stanley loves space, calm and pie charts. His younger brother Fred loves dinosaurs, chaos and mess, and is prone to leaving snails under Stanley’s bed and ladybirds in his lunchbox. Surely they must have something in common?

With the clock ticking down to the science fair (and the chance to win a magnificent telescope) and to the eviction of Rory the T-rex from their local museum, the brothers are each on an important quest. But can they find their ‘common multiples’ and work together to save the day?

This hilarious and endearing story is perfect for children aged 9–11 who love funny fiction.

To celebrate the publication of Planet Stan, we’re giving away five free copies. For your chance to win, visit our Oxford Owl Facebook page and tell us about the kindest thing your child/ren have ever done for each other or someone else.

Entry closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 29th April 2018.

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About the book

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Planet Stan: My Life in Pie Charts

Written by Elaine Wickson and illustrated by Chris Judge

Stan is a fairly typical 11-year old boy, whose interests include space, pie charts, working out strategies to survive life with his little bruv Fred (who’s 70% annoying and 30% fart), and cake (as long as it’s not beetroot).

When Stan’s not trying to prevent his brother from causing untold damage to himself, their bedroom, or Rory, a 65 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton at the local museum, he’s trying to corral his friends into creating a science fair project that will leave their rivals, Larkfield Primary, in the dust. And if that’s not enough, he somehow seems to have promised Fred that he’ll help him save Rory (the T-rex) from becoming extinct all over again.

This is a lovely story packed with heart, as well as interesting facts about the solar system, meteor craters, dinosaurs, and climate change. It’s also a reminder that whether you’re a snotty 5-year old or a museum curator on the verge of retirement, we can all make a difference in the world. With a cast of vibrant and loveable characters, this book will leave you longing for more adventures with the Fox family.

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Meet the author

Elaine Wickson
I live in Oxford with my husband and two sons and am often found either looking up at trees or stars. At school I filled my books with stories instead of maths, which is probably why I only just about passed some A Levels. In my teens I could have become a champion cha-cha-cha dancer, but preferred to watch TV instead. And in
the world of work I stood at many photocopiers, dreaming up characters while the multipage double-sided document jammed in the paper feeder. Luckily I redeemed myself by learning to type at almost the speed of light and finally knuckled down to some writing.

You can watch Elaine introduce Planet Stan over on YouTube, and find out more about her on her website, www.elainewickson.co.uk.

About the illustrator

Chris Judge
Chris Judge is an illustrator, artist and children’s picture book author from Dublin, Ireland. Chris has published several picture books since 2011 and illustrated several texts including the Danger is Everywhere series with David O’Doherty and Roddy Doyle’s latest children’s book Brilliant. He also makes the Create Your Own Adventure books with his brother Andrew. Interesting facts: Chris used to play the bass guitar in a band called The Chalets many years ago and he is allergic to carrots.

Book Extras

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Meet Elaine Wickson

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