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Book of the Month: Me and Mister P

Me and Mister P

Written by Maria Farrer and illustrated by Daniel Rieley

Meet Arthur and his brand new friend, Mister P – the world’s most helpful(ish) polar bear.

Arthur could do with someone to talk to – all he wants is an ordinary day with an ordinary family and an ordinary brother. But when Mister P unexpectedly stumbles through his front door, an interesting and fun new friendship is born. There are times when only a polar bear will do…

To celebrate this paw-some new book, we are giving away five copies of Me and Mister P. For your chance to win, visit Oxford Owl’s Facebook page and comment on our prize draw post to tell us about your, or your child’s, favourite fictional friendship from a children’s novel.

Entry closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 22nd January 2017.
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About the book

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Me and Mister P

Me and Mister P

Maria Farrer (author) and Daniel Rieley (illustrator)

“All I want is a normal family. But no, I’ve ended up with the brother from Weirdsville. Liam is so embarrassing, but Mum and Dad can’t see that and give him all the attention. Leaving me with zero! Zilch! A big fat nothing!
And I’m not really sure how an enormous, funny, clumsy polar bear is going to help with all this, but he was standing on the doorstep, so I had to invite him to stay, didn’t I? Well, what would you have done?”
Packed with gorgeous illustrations throughout, this story has heart and humour in equal measure — sure to be a hit with developing readers and as a great book to be read aloud.

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Book extras

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Pugs of the Frozen North

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But wait, what’s this? Two kids riding a sled pulled by 66 pugs wearing jumpers?! The underdogs are coming.

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But who would be so evil and wicked as to nick chapters from books? Could it be a penguin? A zebra? A newspaper? Or some other fiendish black and white thing . . . ?

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Louie Takes the Stage

Unicorn in New York: Louie Takes the Stage!

Rachel Hamilton (author), Oscar Armelles (illustrator)

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