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Book of the Month: Bee Boy

Bee Boy

Written and illustrated by Tony de Saulles

Following a long and successful career as an illustrator, Tony de Saulle’s bee-rilliant book Bee Boy combines his wonderful artwork with a superhero story that is entertaining and educational in equal measure – perfect for children aged 7+ who like funny illustrated fiction.

Half bee, half boy. Melvin Meadly is… BEE BOY! As a bee, Mel is ready to defend his hive against all enemies – taking on killer wasps, terrifying hawkmoths, and battling queen bees. But as a boy, has he got what it takes to protect his bees (and himself) against the greatest menace of all – Nasty Norman Crudwell?

To celebrate the publication of Bee Boy, we’re giving away five free copies. For your chance to win, visit the Oxford Owl Facebook page and tell us what your favourite insect or minibeast is!

Entry closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 25th February 2018.

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About the book

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Bee Boy

Tony de Saulles

Melvin Meadly already knows that there’s an almost magical synergy between bees and our planet’s ecosystem, but he’s about to discover that his bees have an extra magic of their own. Sucked unexpectedly into their world, he is forced to battle predators who seek to destroy the hive. And the battle doesn’t stop there. He’s got a fight on his hands in the real world too, convincing the neighbourhood – including bully Norman Crudwell – that his bees are a force for good.

Packed full of interesting facts about bees and beekeeping, your child will come away with a better understanding of these majestic creatures and the importance of taking care of them. More than that though, this is a heart-warming tale about kindness, friendship and loyalty, with the ultimate message that bullies never prosper – all told through the warm, stoic, observational narrative of our hero Mel.

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About the author

Tony de Saulles worked as a book designer before turning to illustration and writing. He lives in the countryside and is learning to be a beekeeper. Tony has been illustrating the best-selling Horrible Science series for twenty years and has sold more than ten million copies in over thirty countries.

Meet Tony and learn how to draw bees at his workshop on February 12th at Tate Modern London.

Book extras

Watch Tony read an extract from Bee Boy

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